He Puna Whakaata

Download He Puna Whakaata, Therapeutic Activities to Guide Change

He Puna Whakaata refers to a reflective pool and promotes the need for practitioners to be reflexive and in balance. It is a resource integrating Māori thought and knowledge for use in the clinical context. The therapeutic activities described in He Puna Whakaata are discrete activities; each with its own focus, however there is a logical flow between them. Activities within the resource draw heavily on principles of motivational interviewing and a Te Whare Tapa Whā framework approach to make some aspects of mātauranga Māori more accessible to whānau engaged in change.

Te Rau Matatini takes this opportunity to acknowledge Andre McLachlan (Ngāti Apa) for his generosity of spirit, thought and time in the development of this resource.

Although early evaluations show knowledge transfer in the workshops sustained skill transfer requires more. The next progression is support practitioners to utilise ‘talking therapy’ approaches incorporating such devises as whakatauākī, pakiwaitara etc. by way of a series of interviews and discussions that can be used in self-directed learning or as planned service workforce development.

The resources below are clips that discuss each activity and an associated clip demonstrating one way to deliver the activity.