Te Hau Mārire

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Alcohol, other drug misuse and problem gambling contributes to health and social harms and are often part of coexisting conditions including, social and cultural isolation, violence including various forms of abuse as well as contributing to criminal offending. 

Te Hau Mārire: Addiction Workforce Strategic Framework (2015-2025) brought together the knowledge and experiences of Māori in the addiction treatment sector to provide guidance for the development of a competent workforce that will contribute to the minimisation of addiction-related harm and the achievement of whānau ora.

Te Hau Mārire was written for the Ministry of Health on behalf of the addiction treatment sector and the community. It is particularly relevant for the mental health and addiction workforce centres as well as District Health Boards and those engaged in growing the capacity and capability of the workforces working with addiction- related harm.

Te Rau Matatini as a leader in the sector leads the strategy with a dedicated addiction programme of action aimed at growing whānau centred workforces across sectors of Māori and non-Māori, able to integrate cultural, social and clinical elements into day to day practice.