Te Mauri Pimatisiwin Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing  

In 2015 the Native Counselling Services of Alberta (NCSA) transferred the Pimatisiwin, A Journal of Aboriginal and Indigenous Community Health to Te Rau Matatini.  

The official relaunch and renaming of the Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing: Te Mauri - Pimatisiwin took place at the Healing Our Spirit Worldwide - The Seventh Gathering, 16 November 2015 in Kirikiriroa Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand.

The refreshed journal affiliates with the international Healing Our Spirit Worldwide movement and promotes the health and wellbeing of indigenous individuals, families, communities and nations. Te Mauri - Pimatisiwin  The Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing: is a peer-reviewed, open-access, scholarly online journal that shares indigenous knowledge and research experience amongst indigenous professionals, academic and community leaders/groups.

Te Mauri - Pimatisiwin will publish original, informative and scholarly articles on the broadly defined topic of indigenous wellbeing.  Serving as a forum for the clarification and exchange of ideas, Te Mauri - Pimatisiwin will feature articles on projects that make a significant impact on our understanding of Indigenous wellbeing.

All Access Policy - Our all access policy ensures that the articles published in Te Mauri – Pimatisiwin are available to everyone interested in this area, free of charge. The benefits of this format include the expansion in our readership and our increased ability to attract new contributors from communities in other countries.

For more information please visit Te Mauri - Pimatisiwin