Side by side

This month side by side our experts our whānau had the opportunity to appraise the scholarship applications  for Hoe Tahi, Hoe Rua and Henry Rongomau Bennett Scholarship programmes.  Each year, we are finding the calibre of people, and in their sincere pursuit of a new or a sustainable and advanced career in health, their scholarship applications far exceed our expectations.  This year was no different.  

I am a past recipient of Māori health scholarships, and with whanau and collegial support over the years, I am truly grateful, as it would’ve been near impossible for me to achieve the qualifications I hold today if it wasn’t for  these. 

If there is one thing I would encourage whanau, and ngā hoa is to seriously think about the academic pathway you are pursuing.  Too many times in my 20 year career as a Māori health professional, have I seen our people misdirected onto the wrong educational pathway.  Yet, each person’s aim is  to attain the best qualification possible to enter into and stay in the health sector. 

My message is: Ensure the qualification you choose is recognisable! That it will enable you to mobilise across any system and context, to be employable wherever you desire, and to be available to our people - as they need you.  

Seek out people with similar roles that you aspire to; shop around your study options;  talk to academic advisors to see what their opinions are about ensuring the best and most efficient way to attain the qualification needed and consider the big picture - what would this mean for you and your whānau.


Maria Baker

Workforce Innovation Manager and Interim Chief Executive

22 February 2017