Hoe Rua Work-based Placement Programme 2018

Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction    


The Hoe Rua Work-based Placement Programme is designed to increase capacity in the addiction treatment sector. The work-based placement programme is for:

  1. Organisations (Hosts) who are addiction treatment focused with the legal right to provide addiction treatment services who can provide a fixed term placement for an individual who is seeking experience, training and employment within the addiction treatment workforce.
  2. Individuals (Placement) who are seeking experience, training and employment within the addiction treatment workforce.


The aim of the Hoe Rua work-based placement programme is to grow the number of people working in addiction treatment organisations by providing an opportunity to gain on the job real skills. The programme offers new placements or a fixed term internship up to twelve months of work-based placement with an approved host organisation.



  1. Organisations (Hosts)
  • Must be an organisation currently working within the addiction treatment sector.
  • Must be able to provide a safe and supportive work environment for the persons placement.
  • Must complete an online application to apply to be a Host with the required documentation. For current hosts, a letter to confirm an Expression of Interest, outlining the programme impact within your organisation and any opportunities provided to your 2018 placement (ie: training, employment offer at the end of the placement), and the the latest Annual report will be necessary.      
  1. Individuals (Placement)
  • New Zealand citizen or New Zealand permanent resident.
  • Candidates seeking work based placement experience or a fixed term placement, training and employment within the addiction treatment and mental health sector.


  • Work-based placement positions will be dependent on the availability within an approved Host organisation.


The value of the award is subject to placement hours, professional development/training costs in 2018 as negotiated by Te Rau Matatini and successful 2018 Host organisations. This will need to include a detailed Placement and training budget detailing the need for value.


Host Applications close on 31 January 2018.
Placement Applications close once all placements are filled.

2018 Hoe Rua Placement Application.pdf

2018 Hoe Rua Programme - Host Information Booklet and Application Form.pdf

For information please contact our Te Rau Matatini Scholarships Team on 0800 MATATINI (0800 628 284) or e-mail us.