He Tohu Hiranga Awards


Tā Tātou Mahere Korowai Award

The Tā Tātou Mahere Korowai Award was created to support Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Addiction and Whānau Ora Service Providers to establish Rangatahi Advisory Groups. The Tā Tatou Mahere Korowai Guidelines provide a model for Mental Health, Addiction and Whānau Ora Services to develop services which reflect the perspectives and aspirations of rangatahi and, by doing so, meeting the needs of rangatahi.


Harry Pitman Award - Harry Pitman was a Māori leader in the Addiction sector. 

The Harry Pitman scholarship was first established by the Ministry of Health (2003) as two scholarships.  In 2006, the scholarship was used to develop workshops of basic presentation skills of the Māori mental health and addiction sector, so they could provide effective presentations to wider audiences.  

The Henry Rongomau Bennett committee refocused this Harry Pitman Award to acknowledge outstanding existing and emerging leadership in the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) sector.  Whilst encouraging work aimed at minimising addiction-related harm to Māori innovatively to achieve best outcomes for tangata whaiora and whānau.


Bob Henare Award - Bob Henare was best known for his role at Mental Health Commission, but had worked for Government sectors for years. 

The Bob Henare Award was created to acknowledge and support the professional achievements and high level of excellence of rangatahi Māori (under 25 years) working in / toward Māori mental health.  The Award also recognises and encourages the development of innovative approaches to achieving best outcomes for Māori in the mental health sector.


Paraire Huata Award - Paraire Huata was best known for his focus in health, social service sector, and his commitment to Māori mental health and addiction sector. He was part of the Taha Māori programme (Hamner Springs) and lead in Te Ngaru Learning Systems.  

The Paraire Huata Recognition award will provide funds for annual hui to recognise ' Māori ways of learning' and to acknowledge Māori practice rather than an award for an individual.  As most of Paraire Huata's work was focused on facilitating a critical mass of Māori practitioners practising from Māori models of practice, inclusive of his commitment to cultural supervision.  This contribution will provide the opportunity for Māori to gather together, to share and raise the standards of practice in regard to Māori models of practice.     


Dame Tariana Turia Award - Dame Tariana Turia respected Māori leader and politician 1996-2014, consistently set the benchmark to improve the status and wellbeing for Māori.  The Māori party emerged as a result of Tariana Turia crossing the floor following the Seabed and Foreshore Bill.  As a continual inspiration in 2010, Dame Tariana as Minister responsible for Whānau Ora, fostered a significant challenge to government departments and services to break down systems to help transform and build the capacity of whānau.

The Dame Tariana Turia Award is for contributions to Whānau Ora (Whānau Wellbeing).


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