Workforce Development

Te Rau Matatini has been designing and developing Māori Health Workforce training programmes for the past ten years.  These programmes focus on improving the cultural competency of the health workforce, and responding to the needs of Māori and their communities.


Recruitment and retention
Te Rau Matatini is the lead agency for engagement with Māori health sector.  Te Rau Matatini is responsible for ensuring that the sector has access to relevant information to grow, strengthen and sustain the Māori Mental Health and Addiction Workforce.

In addition, the organisation has a strong focus on promoting mental health and addiction career pathways through promoting training opportunities, supporting rangatahi leadership networks and providing opportunities for general exposure to Māori health careers through programmes like Kia Ora Hauora.


Te Hau Māia​
Te Hau represents a connection to the four cardinal winds of the four corners of Aoteāroa as Māori see it: Taitokerau (North), Taitonga (South), Tairāwhiti (East), and Taihauāuru (West).  The overarching visions of Te Hau Māia is “to strengthen and further equip the Māori workforce through applied, relevant and accessible training programmes to maximise health gains for whānau.”

Programmes and courses offered by Te Hau Māia will be informed and underpinned by the following:

  • Dual Competency - clinical and cultural domains are integrated to provide a comprehensive and relevant service to tangata, their whānau and the communities in which they live.
  • Theory and Evidence - knowledge is gained through theory, knowledge, evidence-based research and practice.  This recognises the interaction between theory and knowledge and, within a Māori health context, the cyclical interdependence of knowledge growth based on the theory, research and practice interface.
  • Whānau Ora – a whānau-centric model which encourages whānau to identify and develop their own solutions.
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi – an integral part of the development, delivery and assessment of all Te Hau Māia wānanga.


Category 1 Provider - Te Rau Matatini has been registered with the NZQA from 2011, as a Private Training Establishment (PTE).  To maintain registration all PTEs are required to undergo a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) External Evaluation and Review (EER).  The EER is an independent statement of confidence in the PTE performance in two key areas namely: Educational Performance and Capability in Self-Assessment.

The final report has been released, giving Te Rau Matatini a Highly Confident in Educational Performance and Highly Confident in Self-Assessment placing Te Rau Matatini in Category 1. 


Customised Training - We can help design training specifically for your organisation. 


For further information please call 0800 MATATINI (0800 628 284) or email