Waka Hourua

Waka Hourua supports Māori whānau, hapū, iwi, Pasifika families and communities to develop and enhance their own capacity and capability to prevent suicide and to respond safely and effectively when and if suicide occurs.

Waka Hourua responds directly to the expectations of the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Action Plan. The four-year programme is a partnership between national Māori health workforce development organisation Te Rau Matatini and national Pasifika non-government organisation, Le Va.


Waka Hourua has five key components. These are:

  1. National Leadership
    This will be achieved by the National Leadership Group, Pasifika and Māori leaders who will monitor the performance of the programme and provide a distinctive and informed voice for Māori and Pasifika suicide prevention. 
  2. Pasifika Community Suicide Prevention
    A national coordination centre for Pasifika Community Suicide Prevention.
  3. Māori Community Suicide Prevention
    A national coordination centre for Māori Community Suicide Prevention.
  4. Community Fund
    A one-off contestable fund for Māori and Pasifika families, whānau, hapū, iwi and communities to establish community based suicide prevention initiatives and effective community based responses when suicide has occurred.
  5. A Strategic Research Agenda
    A Strategic Research Agenda includes a one-off funding pool that was allocated in April 2014 to contribute to the evidence base of what works for Māori and Pasifika.


The Programme Partners

Te Rau Matatini is a leader in the development of innovative health and disability workforce solutions that respond to the needs of Māori and their communities.  Established in 2002, Te Rau Matatini focuses on supporting Māori health leadership, designing innovative workforce solutions, delivering culturally relevant workforce training and responding to the needs of Māori communities through innovative service design and research. Te Rau Matatini also provides scholarships to build and strengthen the Māori health workforce. 


As a lead Pasifika non-government organisation specialising in wellbeing, Le Va’s purpose is to create opportunities for Pacific families and communities to flourish, through embracing Pasifika solutions.


Le Va takes a holistic perspective to flourishing and wellbeing - encompassing the physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual dimensions of wellbeing. This is reflected in Le Va’s diverse portfolio across Pasifika mental health, addiction, disability, public health, general health, suicide prevention, education, as well as in sport and with local government.  Le Va walks alongside organisations providing carefully developed resources, tools, information,  organisational development and support services all contributing to the best outcomes possible for our Pasifika families and communities.


For more information please visit Waka Hourua.