Te Rau Matatini Mauri Noho – Mauri Ora Continuum

For years and still there is a deliberate focus  on  increasing the number and diversity of roles for the Māori health workforce  to be present across the health systems where sickness is prime.   Whilst this priority remains for increased  numbers of Māori in the health workforce.   

A shift in the health workforce is also needed.  A shift from Mauri Noho  (sickness)  to Mauri Ora (wellness).   Mauri Ora is the life force, evident by ones full potential being  realised and activated.   Mauri Ora fosters working with communities, kainga, whanau, hapu, iwi.  

To make this possible, health workforces will be closer to peoples homes and whanau, they will be cognisant of early intervention,  health promotion, illness prevention and holistic wellbeing.  Mauri Ora!