Kaupapa: Our Purpose

Our Vision

Te Rau Matatini leads the way in developing the Māori workforce that can take Māori health to new heights.  The new heights see a major emphasis on the prevention of poor health and the promotion of wellness - Mauri Ora. 

Our Mission

The primary mission of Te Rau Matatini is to strengthen the Māori workforce in order to advance the health of Māori and contribute to Māori wellbeing. 

Our Priority

Māori whānau are our priority. Te Rau Matatini is committed to significantly improving the health of Māori that will contribute to increased entire wellbeing for individuals, whānau and their communities. Pae Ora!

Our Aims

  1.  Be the lead agency to accelerate the development of a workforce that can implement Pae Ora - the Māori Health Strategy (Ministry of Health, 2014). 
  2.  Strengthen the Māori health workforce in order to decrease levels of sickness and increase Māori wellbeing.

Our Strategic Goals

  1. Kia piki te ora
    Strengthen Māori Health, and the Māori workforce in order to determine contemporary health needs.
  2. Kia whakawhānui te panga
    Strengthen the Māori workforce to contribute across the full spectrum of the Mauri noho (sickness) and Mauri Ora (wellness) continuum.
  3. Kia hangai ki ngā tūmanako Māori
    Strengthen Māori Health, and the Māori workforce to better align the health with wider Māori aspirations.
  4. Kia mahi ngātahi
    Strengthen the Māori workforce to lead collaborations with community leaders, whānau, other services and other sectors in order to prevent poor health and to promote wellness.  

Our Annual Reports and Corporate Communications


Launch of Te Rau Matatini – the first Māori Mental Health Workforce Development Organisation on beehive.govt.nz