Trauma Informed Care For Māori

The development of Trauma Informed Care for Māori is an innovative development being led by Te Rau Matatini in partnership with an advisory group comprised of members from communities and sectors of interest experienced in Trauma Informed Care.

This development aligns with the mission and priority statements of Te Rau Matatini in relation to “strengthening the Māori workforce in order to advance the health of Māori, and thus contribute to increased entire wellbeing for individuals, whānau and their communities” (Te Rau Matatini, 2016, p.4).

The development of a Trauma Informed Care Advisory Group is also consistent with the directive in Pae Ora - healthy futures: the Government’s vision statement to:

Provide a platform for Pae ora, Māori to live with good health and wellbeing in an environment that supports a good quality life, including the three interconnected elements:

Mauri ora – healthy individuals:

Whānau ora – healthy families: and

Wai ora – healthy environments (Ministry of Health, 2014, p.4).  

With the support and advice provided by the Trauma Informed Care Advisory, Te Rau Matatini will identify practical ways in which the Trauma Informed Care can be incorporated into workforce responses and service models.



Sector Representatives

Ngāropi Cameron, Tu Tama Wahine O Taranaki

Rolinda Karapu, Women’s Refuge

Monica Stockdale, Āwhina Whānau Services

Daryl Gregory, He Waka Tapu

Lawrence Jensen, Consultant

Te Rau Matatini Secretariat

Maria Baker (Pouwhakahaere Matua - CEO)

Dr Kahu McClintock (Pouwhakahaere Rangahau - Research Manager)

Whaea Marata Haereroa (Kairangahau - Researcher) 

Matua Atutahi Riki (Kaumatua)


The first meeting of the advisory group was held on the 30th of April and a first publication is due June 2018 . For more information, contact: [email protected]



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