Te Ipu Whakahauā: Māori Mental Health Research & Bibliography Database

Te Ipu Whakahauā (Māori mental health research and bibliography database), is a readily accessible database providing valuable research, literature, and conference papers relating to Māori mental health. This repository of knowledge is freely accessible to everyone interested in this important kaupapa.  Te Rau Matatini hopes that the resources contained within Te Ipu Whakahauā will assist and inform those seeking more information about Māori mental health and in drawing from the database, further fruits and benefits will be returned to contribute positively to Whānau ora.

Te Ipu Whakahauā has over 1200 abstracts, many links, full-text articles, and a growing collection of Master and PhD theses relating to Māori, addiction, health, and whānau ora.  This database continues to grow as a result of proactive sourcing of new material by Te Kīwai Rangahau (Te Rau Matatini Data Intelligence, Information, Research & Evaluation unit) who are also responsible for the quality assurance of the database itself. This database provides access to scientific literature with a simple and advanced search facility. 

The name Te Ipu Whakahauā was given to this resource database by Rocky Hudson and Rawiri Wharemate.  Te Ipu refers to a bowl that one can draw sustenance from or provide sustenance to.  Whakahauā refers to the wind that emerges to form the awhiowhio (whirlwind) which travels both ways, up and down and is driven by the forces of wairua which is fed from Ranginui to Papatuānuku. Papatuānuku then reciprocates by giving back to Ranginui. Te Ipu Whakahauā follows the same way of thinking.  Resources contained assist and inform those wanting more information about Māori mental health; the benefits will be returned, to contribute positively to whānau ora.

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