Te Hau Mārire: Addiction Workforce Strategic Framework

Te Hau Mārire: Addiction Workforce Strategic Framework (2015-2025) is a stunning example of collaboration that brings together the knowledge and experiences of Māori in the addiction treatment sector.  Te Hau Mārire guides the development of a workforce that will contribute to the minimisation of addiction-related harm and the achievement of whānau ora.

Te Hau Mārire was written for the Ministry of Health on behalf of the addiction treatment sector and the community. It is particularly relevant for people engaged in growing the capacity and capability of the workforces working with addiction-related harm.

Three years since Te Hau Mārire was established, Te Rau Matatini will be seeking to review what more can be done under its strategic framework and welcome sector feedback.  We have enjoyed facilitating a range of addiction workforce and practice development programmes to support various frontline workforces to incorporate new ways of working, develop new skills, and increase knowledge to respond to the addiction needs of Māori.  

Programmes such as the Takarangi Cultural Competency Programme, Manaaki: Mana Enhancing and Mana Protecting Practice, and He Puna Whakaata have been stunning opportunities.  Each programme prompting further interest across all of the health sectors to invest in more Maori centred approaches and practice.