Suicide Prevention: 1000 Māori Whānau

As part of Waka Hourua (Māori and Pasifika Suicide Prevention), Te Rau Matatini is developing and will soon partner with communities to pilot a programme that seeks to connect with 1000 Māori whānau.  This programme is part of Ko Au, Ko Koe, Ko Tātou, the Waka Hourua Māori Community Programme.   Reflections from the implementation of Ko Au, Ko Koe, Ko Tātou over the last two years; specifically, the Pou Arahi model, highlighted the need to expand the reach of the programme from primarily a community level to an approach that involves engaging with communities at the whānau level. 

As part of this project, Te Rau Matatini will compile together all the resources we have developed as part of the Waka Hourua programme into an accessible resource for whānau.  The resource and facilitation of this project by Te Rau Matatini will include key messages and strategies to inform Māori of suicide prevention, building resilience, and healthy families (whānau ora).

Overall this project aims to build suicide prevention capacity and capability in Māori communities, through developing and sustaining trust, fostering collaboration, reflection, learning, innovation and shared leadership.  Te Rau Matatini is currently in discussions with community groups around piloting this programme in their regions.  For more information, please contact: [email protected]