A Path To Wellness?

In early December, He Ara Oranga: Report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction was released.  Like many others across Aotearoa, Te Rau Matatini were eager to read the report’s recommendations and the possible impact it could make on mental health, particularly for Māori. 

Earlier this year,  Te Rau Matatini had the fortune of preparing the Maori Manifesto on behalf of Maori Leaders, and hosted Māori/iwi leaders from across New Zealand who met with the Government Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry Panel who prepared the report. The resources, the Maori Manifesto and Turuki Turuki! Paneke Paneke! (which provides a snapshot of the kōrero shared over that two-day event with Māori/iwi leaders), are available for download from the Publications and Resources section of our website.

Te Rau Matatini are continuing to monitor and participate in the consultation that is on-going until March 2019.  We anticipate greatly the Māori specific report regarding the inquiry expected to be released before the end of January, all the feedback on the recommendations that have been made, and how recommendations will be implemented to meet the needs of Māori.

The Mental Health and Addiction Transformation Memo, which details the engagement phases, is available for download below.

The Ministry of Health is encouraging feedback for the next steps following the Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry.  Please contact: [email protected]