Kaitiaki Ahurea

Is your health service seeking ways to improve its' health promotion delivery to Māori? Then Kaitiaki Ahurea maybe perfect for you.  Kaitiaki Ahurea is a level two training course delivered over three to four days that provides both non-Māori and Māori working in Public Health, Health Promotion and communities with an increased understanding of health promotion from a Māori cultural context.  Topics covered include cultural dimensions of illness and well-being, Identifying challenges with health promotion campaigns, and key aspects of health promotion delivery to Māori communities.  Te Rau Matatini is planning to run two Kaitiaki Ahurea wānanga before the end of the year.

Dunedin - 17th & 18th of October with follow-up on the 15th of November 
Invercargill - 7th & 8th of November with follow-up on the 6th of December


To inquire about upcoming courses, please email valerie.williams@teraumatatini.com