Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing Second Edition

Te Rau Matatini is pleased to announce the Second Edition release of the Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing – Te Mauri: Pimatisiwin.

This occurs at a significant time of our indigenous history; as the Sioux nation at Standing Rock and indeed all indigenous people on Turtle Island and around the globe look to supporting the protection and security of our traditional beliefs and values.

The Second Edition mirrors this indigenous commitment in articulating solidarity, self-determination and hope which aligns with the emphasis on the indigenous voice in research, the development of comprehensive indigenous community-controlled health care systems, the implementation of relevant health literacy progammes and the healing benefits of using traditional values and cultures in addiction’s treatment, halting family violence, encouraging resilience with youth.

Included is also a detailed obligation to opening up dialogue that acknowledges intimate and kin communities as well as including the importance of relationships with animals.


Te Mauri: Pimatisiwin journal has a long indigenous academic history and was first published in Canada in 2003 under the leadership of Dr Nancy Gibson and her team at the Edmonton ACADRE Centre.

It provides online accessible, evidence based articles to academics, policy makers and people working at the grassroots level.

Barry Bublitz, Journal Patron and Healing Our Spirit Worldwide International Indigenous Council Member says the solutions and their architects are all to be found in our indigenous communities.

“This Second Edition is a true collection of indigeneity, the researchers are drivers of unity raising the indigenous voice”.

The Second Edition and previous editions of the Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing Te Mauri: Pimatisiwin can be viewed online at