Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing: Up Coming Releases

The last 12 months have been a time of great change and growth for the Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing: Te Mauri-Pimatisiwin, which is published by Te Rau Matatini.  In 2018, the Journal team went through staff changes and worked to update our submission processes, which we will continue to do in 2019.  In July of this year, we released a general issue, and over the rest of the year, we have worked with local and international authors to prepare three future issues, including two special issues. 

The release of the Healing Our Spirit Worldwide and the Digital and Data Sovereignty for Indigenous People special issues are moving to February and March respectively to accommodate changes outside of our control. 

The Healing Our Spirit Worldwide special will be made exclusively of articles written by people who presented at the 8th Healing Our Spirit Worldwide Gathering.  The Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing has a long history with Healing Our Spirit Worldwide, the first issue that was released after Te Rau Matatini took over care of the Journal in 2016 was a Healing Our Spirit Worldwide special made of presenters from the last gathering held by Te Rau Matatini in Aotearoa.

The Journal is also accepting submissions for a general issue (no set topic) also planned for release in the first half of 2019.

Read the Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing submission guidelines here