Indigenous Wellbeing Outcome Measurement

On the 25th of February, Te Rau Matatini hosted indigenous researchers from Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa to discuss the potential of collaborating on an indigenous wellbeing outcome measure.  This hui developed from conversations that had taken place last year at the International Group for Indigenous Health Measurement (IGIHM) in Atlanta. Coming together in Aotearoa has provided an opportunity to strengthen whanaungatanga (relationships) and to learn what each are doing around indigenous wellbeing outcome measurements in our countries and communities.

While it is clear that indigenous people are diverse, even within our respective countries, there is much we share in common.  All the researchers who presented come from countries with marked health disparities between indigenous and non-indigenous people, and each are working toward indigenous health outcome measurement that uses indigenous concepts of health and wellbeing that are multi-dimensional, interconnected, and created through consultations with indigenous communities.

Going forward, this group has agreed to support and knowledge share with each other, as well as explore future opportunities for collaboration in this important research area.