Hua Oranga: An Opportunity For Oranga

Te Rau Matataini is excited to announce we have uploaded the first three Hua Oranga webinars to our website, in the Te Kīwai Rangahau webinar section. The Hua Oranga webinars provide an introduction to Hua Oranga and the Outcomes Recording (ORA) database.  Hua Oranga is a validated Indigenous mental health outcome measurement tool for use with Māori based on the Whare tapa whā wellness model.  It is also unique in the it takes into account the key perspectives of tangata whaiora, clinician and whānau (family).  The Outcomes Recording Analysis (ORA) database is a web-based tool which stores and aids in the analysis of data collected through Hua Oranga by health service providers.  The reports generated by the Ora database are accurate, timely, comprehensive, and provide useful mental health service data.

Hua Oranga Webinar Series: Webinar Four

The fourth and last Hua Oranga webinar will be occuring on the 24th of November.  This FREE 30-minute long webinar presented by Dr Kahu McClintock (Te Rau Matatini), will cover the discussion of Hua Oranga and the Outcomes Recording Analysis (ORA) database presented in webinar one, two, and three.  Specifically, this webinar will conclude the use of the ORA database. Don't miss your chance to hear about these important tools.  

To register for webinar four: CLICK HERE