Hoe Tahi Addiction Scholarship Recipient 2016

The support I have received from those who once walked alongside of me, is what I want to give back to others” Christine Kake-Blake - Ngā Puhi


I am truly grateful to be a recipient of the Hoe Tahi Scholarship and was bought to tears when told of the outcome of my application at the start of the year. 


Education was not really encouraged in my whānau, so it was never a priority to me.  It was later on in life that I tried it and gained a pass, however for me a pass was better than a fail. With the support of the scholarship I am able to continue studying to help me to broaden, strengthen my understanding and knowledge base from both the theory and in practice.


Drugs, alcohol and mental health or CEP (co-existing) problems have been with me for a long time and dates back to my past.  However, I know today it does not need to be a part of mine or my whanau’s future.


Since being in recovery I have discovered a lot of things about myself that have beneficial to my growth.



I have met many people who have given and shown me quality, time, mentoring and giving advice, words of encouragement, praise,  honesty, respect, empathy, courage, determination, motivation, forgiveness, manaaki, strategies, genuineness, commitment  and much, much more. 

I heard this saying “I see dead people walking” and it has stuck with me.  However, I am no longer this “dead person” I am alive, I know and believe this can happen with anyone because it has happened for me.  Every person has the potential to be a winner no matter the background, circumstances or situation, this is the hope I will hold on to for others.


Mauri Ora!