Healing Our Spirit Worldwide 2018

In 2015, Te Rau Matatini hosted the Seventh Healing Our Spirit Worldwide (HOSW) gathering. It was a massive undertaking which is remembered fondly because of the knowledge and experience attendees gained through it and the chance it provided to foster healing for Indigenous people around the world.  From the 26th-29th of November 2018, Te Rau Matatini were able to experience the Eighth HOSW Gathering from the perspectives of manuwhiri in Cadigal Country, Sydney, Australia. 

The Eighth Gathering took place at the International Conventional Centre on beautiful Darling Harbour.  Even the worse spring storm to have hit Sydney in 30 years could not dampen the positive atmosphere of the Eighth Gathering.  This year’s theme was “Our Knowledge, Our Wisdom – Our Promise. For our Grandchildren’s Grandchildren”.  Which is an acknowledgement of the knowledge and wisdom that Indigenous People have had for generations and the promise of a better future for the generations to come.     

During the Gathering, many of our staff were able to share the work that we are doing to contribute to the ‘healing space’ for Maori, including Te Ihi Ora and Tūmata Kōkiritia.  Our staff who work on the Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing were also able to meet and see the presentations of some of the presenters who have submitted manuscripts for the Healing Our Spirit Worldwide special issue.

You can find the names of our presentations and those of fellow attendees in the conference program here.

A book of proceedings with information about all of the presentations will be released next year, and the next gathering will be in 2022 in British Colombia, Canada - see you there!

Official Conference Website here