Collaborating With Indigenous Nations

During February, Te Rau Matatini will be meeting with indigenous leaders to talk about Indigenous health, wellbeing, research and outcome measurements.  Two events are occurring which will facilitate these meaningful conversations.  Firstly, Maria Baker (Te Rau Matatini CEO) will be speaking at the National Indigenous Mental Health & Wellbeing Forum in Australia.  Secondly, Te Rau Matatini will be meeting with researchers from Australia and Canada in Aotearoa to discuss collaborating on an Indigenous Wellbeing Outcome Measure, the possibility of which was first raised last year at the International Group for Indigenous Health Measurement (IGIHM) meeting in Atlanta.

It is important for Te Rau Matatini to contribute and to seek knowledge of indigenous nations - given our similar experiences as peoples impacted by colonisation, who are leading change and resetting the stories of our people.  We are humbled by these opportunities, and we look forward to sharing the results of the kōrero and these connections with the sector.