Celebrating 15 years!

Celebrating 15 years is no mean feat!  And we have so many people who have influenced our journey over this time and so many people to acknowledge.

We acknowledge our champions and the inspirational leadership of Taa Mason Durie and Kahurangi Tariana Turia who launched the first Māori Mental Health Workforce Development - Te Rau Matatini in 2002.

To the Māori health workforce, whānau, hapū, iwi, Māori services and communities who have kept our enthusiasm and energy alive, and kept us honest in our commitment to our people. #MauriOra

To ex-officios of Te Rau Matatini Trust Members, Board Directors, key partners, ngā hoa haere, with special mention to Ministry of Health who have invested and worked alongside us, we acknowledge you all.

Mihi nunui to all talented and dedicated people who have worked and continue to work for Te Rau Matatini. Our kaimahi with their whānau committed to the proud kaupapa of Te Rau Matatini. 

Rā whānau Te Rau Matatini!

#MāoriOra #PaeOra