Au.E! Building Youth Resilience Through Strengths-based Workshops

Au.E! is a rangatahi event aimed at 13 to 18-year-olds, which delivers strengths-based workshops to build resilience, raise suicide awareness, and enhance overall well-being.  Au.E! was first held in the Lower Hutt in Wellington in 2017, and due to its success, Te Rau Matatini recently hosted our third Au.E! in the Hawke’s Bay.

Au.E! is part of the exciting programme of events Te Rau Matatini are delivering for rangatahi Māori in 2018. It is important to Te Rau Matatini, as an organisation to interact with rangatahi, to support them in their well-being and to help them realise their potential. This mahi complements the work that Te Rau Matatini are doing with Waka Hourua.

Te Rau Matatini worked collaboratively with Te Taitimu Trust to achieve the success of Au.E! in Hawke’s Bay. Ngā mihi nunui to all the kaimahi involved to inspire our rangatahi Māori.