Add Tools to Your Kete

Beginning this month, Te Rau Matatini is making their webinars publicly available on their website.  Starting with the Evaluation 101 Webinars series, Te Rau Matatini will gradually upload all of our webinars to our website. 

Te Rau Matatini is producing the Evaluation 101 series because through our work with community based organisations, we became aware of a large need, particularly in small and new organisations, for knowledge about how they could better record and assess the who, what, and how of the important work that they are doing in their communities. These webinars introduce the basics of evaluation and are perfect for anyone with little to no knowledge of evaluation wanting to learn about how it can be used. Three webinars in this series have taken place and are now available for viewing. 

The last webinar in the series will take place on the on the 28th of November, where Te Rau Matatini has the privilage of introducing members of Mā te Rae the Māori Evaluation Association.  Mā te Rae will be talking about using rubrics in evaluation. More details coming soon!

Upcoming Webinars:

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