100 Māori Leaders

100 Māori Leaders. Be inspired. Aspire.

Kia tū te ihi, te wehi, me te wana! Te Rau Matatini is proud to be launching 100 Māori Leaders, a dynamic online resource that brings to the fore our extraordinary people who are doing extraordinary work in their everyday lives. Our Māori leaders are recognised by their peers and loved ones for their contributions, service, vision, dedication and expertise towards transformational change and improvement to Māori health.

We invite you to journey through the words of achievement, perseverance and hard work that have been prepared for each leader to showcase the width and breadth of those leaders of today who influence and contribute to Māori health and wellbeing.

As a tool for aspiration, acknowledgement, and inspiration, 100 Māori Leaders demonstrates the successes of Māori leadership, providing positive affirmation of Māori capacity and excellence in a proactive approach to growing and progressing the Māori health workforce: To build the number of Māori leaders, Māori must have access to Māori perspectives and experiences along their academic and career pathways.

100 Māori Leaders aims to inspire the Māori health workforce, our communities, our whānau and rangatahi to generate a passion so they may aspire to careers in health, working with Māori, for whānau. Visit 100 Māori Leaders to experience the positive realisation of Māori health leadership today, and into the future.

100 Māori Leaders will continue to evolve. Not all 100 leaders have been completed so we can continue to build more profiles, and new leaders will be added regularly. As 100 Māori Leaders grows and develops, profiles will be updated and others archived to showcase and celebrate the magnitude of skills and capacity in our Māori health leaders.

If you too know someone who is doing extraordinary things for Māori health, we encourage you to share their stories, identify and acknowledge the Māori leaders in your spaces and places, and submit a leader profile to 100 Māori Leaders. We look forward to receiving leader submissions and learning about their mahi.

Be sure to access, contribute, and share 100 Māori Leaders as we build the capacity of the current and future Māori health workforce!


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