Kaitiaki Ahurea

Kaitiaki Ahurea: is the Māori Health Promotion Programme delivered in the South Island. It provides an essential foundation programme for Non Māori and Māori working in health. With the overall objective, to improve public health, health promotion knowledge and leadership skills of the health workforce, who are working with Māori communities in the South Island.  The programme will provide students Level 2 qualification with:

  • the ability to enhance effective health promotional perspectives
  • methods to work effectively and culturally sound in Māori communities.

For further information: Contact Valerie Williams:  [email protected]

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Course Information

The Kaitiaki Ahurea Level 2 programme is a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) training scheme that is developed and delivered by Te Rau Matatini. Kaitiaki Ahurea is available for Māori and non-Māori working in public health or roles which contribute to the wellbeing of Māori communities.

The course is appropriate for beginning public health practitioners as well as experienced practitioners wanting to further develop their cultural competencies, and understanding of working in Māori communities.

Programme Description

Kaitiaki Ahurea is a Māori Health Promotion Workforce Development Programme. It provides an overview of public health and health promotion to advance the knowledge and skills of the health workforce to meet Māori health needs.  This programme targets the Māori and non Māori workforce who provide health care and services to Māori in the South Island. 

Overall Programme Outcome

  1. To improve public health and health promotion knowledge and leadership skills of the health workforce who are working with Māori communities.

Desired Learning Outcomes

  1. To increase the health workforce’s knowledge and understanding of health promotion from a Māori cultural context.
  2. To establish tools and skills to implement health promotion activities appropriate for Māori communities.


This programme aims to develop knowledge and understanding of Māori health promotion for Māori communities. It will provide workforces with the ability to enhance their health promotional perspectives and methods to work effectively and culturally responsive in Māori communities. 

Professional Development Hours

Wānanga & learning requirements  20 hours
Assessment  4 hours
Total:    24 hours

Expectations of Participants

  • The Kaitiaki Ahurea programme is run over two days with follow up assessment
  • Each day will be delivered in a workshop or wananga format where participants will be encouraged and supported to participate in group activities
  • Commit to completing programme requirements; and
  • Commit to applying the learning to their work practices.

Participants who complete the programme will receive a Certificate of Completion, which will be valued at 24 points or 24 hours toward their professional development records. 

Confirmed Delivery

Te Rau Matatini will be delivering wananga in the following areas:

  • Dates: Dunedin - 17th & 18th of October with follow-up on the 15th of November
  • Invercargill - 7th & 8th of November with follow-up on the 6th of December

For further information contact our Training Team please call 0800 MATATINI (0800 628 284) or email us.