Eyininiw mistatimwak

Canada's University of Regina Assistant Professor Angela SnowshoeAngela and co-author, Elder Noel V. Starblanket have an incredible must read article “Eyininiw mistatimwak".

Eyininiw mistatimwak: The role of the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony for First Nations youth mental wellness" in our latest second edition of journalindigenouswellbeing.com. The article http://journalindigenouswellbeing.com/…/eyininiw-mistatimw…/ explores the mental health benefits experienced by First Nations youth when introduced to equine-assisted therapy.  The relationship between the youth, these endangered indigenous horses and highlighted a mutual connection.

Dr Angela Snowshoe, is recognised for her work in conducting strengths-based research and responsive therapy.

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Photo credit of Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony: RR Spirit Ranch.