Te Whakauruora

Te Whakauruora - Restoration of Health: Maori Suicide Prevention Resource

Te Rau Matatini has been a leader in the development of suicide prevention resources and training that responds to the needs of Māori communities.  We have worked closely with community groups around Aotearoa New Zealand to facilitate training, community planning and to support community leaders. 

Te Whakauruora – Restoration of Health: Māori Suicide Prevention Resource is a community action-focused document that was developed by Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand (SPINZ) and Te Rau Matatini.  It was created to improve knowledge about safe, effective and evidence-based suicide prevention activities in Māori communities and increase capacity to respond to mental illness in ways that support a reduction in the rate of suicide. It focuses on strengthening protective factors and reducing exposure to risk factors for suicide (eg, promoting good mental health). It also an essential guide for practitioners working effectively with Māori and their communities.

Te Whakauruora takes its meaning from te ao Māori tawhito (the old Māori world) and encompasses the Māori world view that health and well-being is holistic and that suicide prevention initiatives must appreciate that the individual belongs to a whānau, hapū, iwi, hapori Māori and community. As such the spiritual, cultural, social, physical and emotional aspects are embraced. It also provides an insight into how suicide is viewed by Māori, and the importance of Māori tikanga frameworks in suicide prevention initiatives.

To see the resource click on the following link: Te Whakauruora – Māori Suicide Prevention Resource

To find out more about suicide prevention for your organisation click on the following link: Māori Suicide Prevention Training