Murua Te Pae

Murua Te Pae - Suicide Prevention Programme for Youth


In response to a number of completed suicides by young Māori in the Bay of Plenty town of Kawerau, a community, Government and Bay of Plenty District Health Board initiative, the Kawerau Suicide Prevention Action Plan was developed.

The Ministry of Health called on Te Rau Matatini to design training materials and resources based on Te Whakauruora to be delivered in Kawerau to whānau and to also provide appropriate leadership development training for rangatahi.

Kaumātua from Te Rau Matatini named the programme Murua Te Pae. The name represents ‘clearing the path forward’ and signifies a journey of health and recovery, within the journey to navigate through life, just as does the awa river does through our whenua land.

Murua Te Pae consisted of three rangatahi workshops and three whānau workshops run over two consecutive days at the beginning of August 2012, and two days at the end of August 2012. A community hui followed the completion of the workshops.

Each workshop was attended by over 25 rangatahi and over 30 whānau members. Alongside Murua Te Pae, five scholarships to attend the Te Whakauruora training programme were awarded.

An evaluation of the programme showed that Murua Te Pae had met community expectations in relation to the development of confidence, self-belief and leadership capacity for rangatahi.  Murua Te Pae also provided the mechanism by which rangatahi could, as a result of their journey, be an agent for wider change; not only within their own lives, but also within those of their whānau.